Our Story

The Woolshed Gallery started in Akaroa in 1995 selling sheepskin footwear made in New Zealand (NZ).  Today the business also operates in Hokitika. Previously we also had a shop in Hanmer and Kaikoura along with a second shop in Hokitika called Millies Merinos and in Akaroa called Woolworx, sadly these 4 have since closed due to Covid. We are waiting to see where the future leads for us. Over the years in all our shops we have really enjoyed meeting lots of nice people and we intend to keep selling quality NZ made products and cannot wait for the world to open up again. We can currently be found in Akaroa and Hokitika as well as online.

We stock NZ made products and products made from NZ raw materials.  We specialise in clothing made from Merino sheep wool (the finest sheep wool in the world) and Possum fur. The BrushTail Possum comes from Australia with NZ being the only other country to have them in the wild.  They are protected in Australia, but in NZ they require control to protect our native forest and birds.

The qualities of clothing made from Merino wool are: they are lightweight, durable, hold their shape, and warm when used in multiple layers.  It is so fine that a single garment can be used alone on a hot day being comfortable without body odour  as you get with synthetics. When finished with the wool, being a natural fibre, returns to the environment easily.

The qualities of Possum fur: it is lightweight, a hollow fur that draws moisture away from the skin keeping us feeling dry, it has a beautiful sheen or shine, combines very well with Merino wool, does not irritate human skin, returns to the environment easily when finished with.  The fur cannot be made into clothing items by itself, but can be combined with Merino wool in ratios up to forty percent. 

There are many qualities obtained by mixing merino wool with possum fibre and hence the reason most of our clothing items are manufactured from it. The qualities of possum merino fabric include: up to 40% more warmth from the combination than wool on its own, pill resistant, the fabric does not retain odours and is dirt repellent, it is lighter than wool and looks and feels great for life.

Items in our shops include clothing (undergarments to outer garments) made from Merino wool, Possum fur and leather.  We also have slippers, shoes, boots, scarves, hats, gloves, blankets, duvets, and accessories.     

This website was created at the request of our customers that have enjoyed their shopping experience and our reduced prices and have wanted to shop with us from their homes around the world.  Holidays are a great way of refreshing our spirits, but with pressure to preserve the environment, shopping online with a trusted supplier is a good way to do that.

We hope you enjoy your ongoing Kiwi relationship.

We pray Gods blessing for you.

Neroli and Alistair Davidson.